NFL Players Provide Astute Responses to POTUS's Short-Sighted Pardon Offer

Photo Credit: Malcolm Jenkins' Instagram, @malcolmjenkins27

Several players responded to POTUS’ clueless and disingenuous “request” that players provide him names of individuals whom they feel had been unjustly imprisoned to pardon.  In an OP-ED piece, Doug Baldwin, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins, and Benjamin Watson,  addressed the pardon request and made the important point that providing names to POTUS is not going to resolve the macro issue of systemic racism in America, a point made on this very website when the offer was first made.   The players’ astuteness in not missing the forest for the trees is admirable, though only Malcolm Jenkins demonstrated courage in protesting during the national anthem.  Picking up on a point in the OP-ED regarding non-violent offense sentencing, and pardoning elderly individuals who have committed such offenses, New England Patriot Devin McCourty chimed in agreeing on the need to address this issue.  McCourty also made a video pointing out the impact of systemic racism on the wealth disparity between Blacks and whites.

Despite previously noted concerns with the Players’ Coalition’s decision to essentially accept the NFL’s bribe of $90M for social justice programs in exchange for standing for the national anthem without protest, and their failure to make a stand regarding Colin Kaepernick’s blackball, this editorial did manage to strike a positive tone regarding the scourge that is systemic racism. The ball is now in POTUS’ court.  We’ll see if he rises to the occasion, or conducts himself as to be expected.

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In an interview with Fox News last week, President Donald Trump offered to help NFL players who have protested during the national anthem by listening to their suggestions of people whom he should pardon.

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