Formula One & Its Top Drivers, Including Lewis Hamilton, Join Kneeling Protest Against Racism

PHOTO CREDIT: Renault Motors, Flickr, Lewis Hamilton

It has been heartening to see the global outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement against racism & police brutality. Interesting angle to differentiate between those who decided to take a knee and those who did not. People can protest how they see fit; however, it is during the anthem that such a kneeling protest takes on added significance. Wearing “End Racism” t-shirts is, frankly, the bear minimum.  No-one overtly objects to that, though the ubiquity of systemic racism reflects otherwise. Lewis Hamilton and the other Formula One  drivers who affirmatively decided to take a stand should be commended.  Black people the world over deal with the scourge of racism, and being a multi-million dollar race car driver  as Hamilton is is no exception.  Well done. 

Article below by Jack De Menesez at

Formula One drivers including Lewis Hamilton once again took a knee before the start of the Styrian Grand Prix, though a handful chose to remain standing as they lined up at the front of the grid.

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