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Why Does This Site Exist?

This Site exists for 3 reasons

First, to honor those who have shown the courage, strength of character, and patriotism to register their objection to racism against Blacks in America by protesting during the national anthem.

Second, to document the national anthem protests against racism by aggregating select documents and media addressing the subject. This ongoing effort to capture this unique slice of history will include noteworthy and interesting articles, videos, social media posts, user submitted items, etc.

Finally, to provide smart, insightful, and informative commentary and analysis on the discourse surrounding the national anthem protests against racism. 

Notable Site Features


By Name List of National Anthem Protest Participants

Head over to the Heroes section of the website to check out the most comprehensive list of individuals who have participated in a national anthem protest against racism.  Every reported instance of an individual or group of individuals doing so is chronologically listed, along with the date of the original protest; the news source of the protest; and any notable developments!!  The heroes are divided as follows and updated regularly:  


This section provides your daily round up of the most recent and interesting articles around the web regarding the national anthem protests against racism.   Posts include some brief commentary by Courage Under Fire, and then either a link to or the first few sentences of the article in question.


This section features the internet’s most comprehensive and informative timeline of key events regarding the national anthem protests against racism, including sources and significant follow on developments.


Deflective Arguments Against the National Anthem Protests

Go here to check our humorous take on the six most common Deflection and Derailment Tactics/arguments that racists detractors use to shift the focus away from the anti-Black racism, the root of the national anthem protests, to irrelevant, extraneous matters which reflect utter disdain for African-Americans’ refusal to passively accept injustice and inequality.


Racism in America is Present, Persistent, and Pernicious

This section will feature a bi-weekly roundup of incidences, surveys, or other relevant information regarding racism against Blacks in America.  These items will demonstrate quite clearly that past, present, and future national anthem protests against racism are wholly justified and appropriate given the centuries long, ubiquitous, and continuous systemic and institutionalized racism against African-Americans in these United States.


Dismayed by the inappropriate invoking of veterans to castigate  Colin Kaepernick for his protest, our site’s founder, Kaia Wright, penned an open letter to Kaepernick entitled “The Military Isn’t A Monolith” published by The Root.com.

Welcome to the site and enjoy!! Please do not hesitate to advise of any corrections, suggestions, or questions by visiting our Contact Us section.

Courage Under Fire’s Founder

Courage Under Fire was founded by Kaia Wright, a dynamic, dedicated, and visionary advocate for Black empowerment.  She is a transformative leader and intends to bring her extensive legal, professional, military, and activist experiences to creating the conditions for Black liberation.

The Skinny: Kaia is an activist, entrepreneur, attorney, motivational speaker, and veteran.

The Details:  Kaia Wright graduated cum laude from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting as a Distinguish Military Graduate.  She received her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law where she was on the Dean’s List, the president of various student organizations, including the Public Interest Law Society, and helped edit the Journal of Law and Education.

After law school, Kaia received her first Master of Laws degree (LL.M) in Commercial and Corporate Law from the University of London (Queen Mary & Westfield College[enrolled]/London School of Economics & Political Science) where she earned merits in various courses, including the Human Rights of Women.  In 2008, Kaia received a second LL.M in Military Law from The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center & School.

During her tenure as an attorney in the United States Army, Kaia practiced in several areas of the law, including criminal law as both a prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor; International & Operational law as the senior legal advisor on the Law of Armed Conflict both in the United States and while deployed in combat zones; and Administrative Law as the go-to legal advisor on Federal Ethics for the United States Central Command.  Her awards include two Bronze Star medals, two Defense Meritorious Service Medals, two Meritorious Service Medals, and the NATO medal.  Kaia also earned the Parachutist, Air Assault, and Pathfinder badges.  She is the first female attorney in the history of the United States Army to earn the Pathfinder badge.

Kaia has consistently organized in pursuit of Black empowerment and uplift.  She, along with women across the nation, tackled head on the Army’s 2014 proposed changes to its hair policies that discriminated against Black women.  Kaia organized several events to build mentorship, education, and camaraderie among Black officers, and to enhance information sharing opportunities due to the persistent presence of systemic racism and its effect on their careers.  In 2013, Kaia co-organized a rally in Tampa, FL in protest of the Trayvon Martin verdict, which was attended by hundreds.  She continues to pursue opportunities to encourage and motivate Black people towards collective action and independence.