POTUS' Offer to Pardon in Exchange For Ceasing Anthem Protests Misses the Point

Photo Credit: Di Michael Vadon - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0

This gesture by President Trump, which is largely politically and designed to paint players into a corner, misses the point.  As noted previously on this website, whether an individual decides to stand for the anthem is a personal decision. Remaining seated or kneeling is equally as valid as standing. Since this country’s inception, it has failed to extend the rights and freedoms symbolized by the national anthem and the flag to Black people.  It is not a matter of a single individual unjustly incarcerated or even the criminal justice system.  It is a matter of endemic, systemic racism that permeates every institution in this country.  Daily we see examples of its operation, and a bribe is not going to absolve America of its responsibilities.  That being said, if this administration (and the next) were to facilitate a substantive nationwide effort to destroy systemic racism, complete with sustainability, metrics, etc, over at least a decade, then perhaps we can begin to talk.  But until then, we will continue to remain seated or kneel in protest of our centuries of mistreatment. 

Article below by Charles Robinson at finance.yahoo.com.

After nearly two years of openly berating NFL players who declined to stand for the national anthem on gameday, President Donald Trump said Friday he is now willing to consider pardon recommendations from athletes protesting for justice reform.

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