The NHL Sees Its First Kneeling Player During the Anthem in Support of BLM

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle/AHL, CC 2.0

Back in 2017 when J.T. Brown then of the Tampa Bay Lightning raised a first during the national anthem, all hell broke loose.  He received death threats, and  was eventually traded last year. And he only raised his fist once, likely as a result of the intense backlash in what is the whitest of the major sporting leagues.  Therefore, it is with obvious courage that Matt Dumba of the Minnesota Wild decided to kneel during the anthem, becoming the first NHL player to do so.  As there are very few players who are not white in the NHL to begin with, it is clearly a risk to stand out even more, and on an issue that engenders such resentment and hostility.  Dumba spoke of the importance of dealing with racism, and is obviously aware of the importance of principle over discomfort.  Respect for not taking the easy way out.

Article below by Amir Vera at

Matt Dumba became the first National Hockey League player to kneel during the US National Anthem on Saturday. The Minnesota Wild defenseman knelt during Saturday’s game between Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks while wearing a Hockey Diversity Alliance hoodie with “Black Lives Matter” written on the sleeves. Dumba, who is Canadian, stood for the Canadian anthem.

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