Young Hero's Protest at Mariners Game Inspired by Recent Unarmed Shooting

Photo Credit: Erin, Flickr

Article by Elisa Han at Great video segment about Helena Gamet, the 12-year old who knelt along with her friend during the national anthem.  Initial reports of the kneeling did not identify the individuals; but this piece informs us that the elementary school student was moved to kneel because of the recent police murder of unarmed Stephon Clark.  Mom is definitely doing something right. 

What do you do if your pre-teen daughter is upset about what she sees in the world?

What if she wants to do something about it?

“You stand up for what you believe in, and it’s my job to have your back,” Angel Caesar told her daughter.

12-year-old Helena Gamet approached her mom with her idea the day before Sunday’s Mariners game.

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