Minnesota Vikings Owner Assures Everyone That His Negroes Are Under Control

Photo Credit: MN National Guard, Wikipedia

The absolute hubris and paternalism exhibited by white people are sometimes breathtaking.  Vikings co-owner Mark Wilf, an individual who seems to think that co-ownership of the team extends to the players as individuals themselves, made his stance very clear on players who are thinking about remaining in the locker room during the national anthem.  When asked about the organization’s view on such players, Wilf invokes “respect for the flag and veterans,” the favored deflection and derailment technique of racists opposed to the national anthem protests against racism, and asserts that his players are “respectful” of these items.  He also mentions the completely irrelevant factoid that he is the son of immigrants, and thus “understands” the importance of the flag and the military.  In other words, remaining in the locker room is purportedly disrespectful, and would reflect a lack of understanding of the relevance of our country’s defense forces and the flag.  As has been mentioned several times, this is wholly illogical.  Owners like Wilf are attempting to impose their own views of the ritual’s symbolism onto players who are each entitled to their own assessment in that regard. But when you think of grown men as children whom you own, this kind of pathetic, nonsensical reasoning is the result. 

Article below by Ben Goessling at startribune.com.

Vikings co-owner Mark Wilf said on Friday the team’s ownership supports the NFL’s new national anthem policy, which gives players the option to stay in the locker room for the anthem but mandates they stand if they take the field.

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