University Lecture Explores the Intersection Between Race and Sports, Past and Present

Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell, Flickr

Article below by Stephanie Keyaka at  It is always very interesting to view issues of import and relevance to Black people through the lens of time. As much of our history is not taught in traditional secondary and collegiate settings, it is not uncommon to have very little knowledge or information about Black pioneers who are not the ones that have been deemed palatable and non-threatening.  This piece provides an excellent summation of what sounds like was an extremely informative lecture. 

Louis Moore, an expert on African American and sports history, visited Penn State Monday evening. Moore’s lecture was part of the latest installment of the Conversation Series conducted by the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism.

Moore opened up by showcasing political cartoons from 1947 and 1963. He said that the message these images sold was that “the end of racial prejudice in America is going to be the responsibility of the black athlete.” However, throughout his lecture, Moore informed the audience that, that was not the case.

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