Congressional Members Support Anthem Protest in Response to POTUS Message

Photo Credit: Photo by Jamelle Bouie, Flickr

Article below by CNNWire via While members of Congress supporting the protests is welcome, it all seems rather performative.  Would there have been a statement but for POTUS’s message.  Our congressional members must be more proactive and less reactive. An example are the confederate monuments in the Capitol. Pelosi had been in that building decades, and did not see fit to say anything about the statues until it became politically viable.  This kind of disingenuity is extremely disconcerting. It’s also why there is so much manufactured outrage and posturing. 

President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders offered dueling messages during Super Bowl LII on protesting racial injustice.

Trump issued a Super Bowl message on Sunday night that, in keeping with the White House’s opposition to NFL protests against police brutality and racial injustice, included a line about standing for the national anthem.


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