The Quid Pro Quo Nature of the NFL-Players' Coalition Deal Revealed

Photo Credit: Jon Gosier, Flickr

Eric Reid provides additional detail on his remarks from about a week ago, adding some very interesting information about the shady dealings which took place in arriving at the deal made by the Players’ Coalition and the NFL which surrounded attempting to bribe players not to kneel during the national anthem. The positions of various coaches were revealed, and left little doubt, despite protestations to the contrary by Jenkins and Chris Long back in 2017, that an agreement not to protest was a part of the discussions. It should be noted that immediately following the announcement, Jenkins ceased his protest.  It’s not rocket science.  

Article below by Darin Gantt at

Panthers safety Eric Reid has gotten plenty of attention since calling Eagles counterpart Malcolm Jenkins a “sellout,” and after Sunday’s win over the Ravens, Reid went into greater detail about their disagreement.

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