Texans Owner At it Again, Defending Panthers Owner and Disparaging Protests

Photo Credit: Karen, Flickr

Article by Jarrett Bell at usatoday.com.  This man needs a handler.  First he attempts to defend the despicable acts of Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.  Then he takes a swipe at protesters stating that the football field is not the place for “political statement.” Why are they playing the national anthem to begin with, then? Why the military saturation? Why the NFL payoffs from the Department of Defense in 2015?

ORLANDO — Of all people, Bob McNair opened up about a couple pressing matters — NFL protests and the scandal that forced Jerry Richardson to put the Carolina Panthers on the market — as team owners gathered Sunday for another of league meetings.

It was not a good look. Sounded even worse.

McNair, the Houston Texans owner who ignited controversy last fall when ESPN leaked his “inmates running the prison” analogy that referred to either players or executives at league headquarters, tried his best to defend Richardson.

Swing and a miss.

Richardson, under NFL investigation as his franchise is poised to set an NFL franchise sale record in excess of $2 billion, is accused of workplace violations. First revealed in January by Sports Illustrated, the allegations include sexual and racial overtones.

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