Texans' Bob McNair Lets Us Know that He Really Believes Players Are Inmates

Photo Credit: Karen, Flickr

It is always a good thing when racists let you know exactly what they are thinking and refrain from polite platitudes.  So it appears Bob McNair wants us to know that he actually meant it when he stated that the NFL protests are reflective of inmates running the prison.  This lead to nearly the entire Texans team kneeling, and that was a positive act.  But it also begs the question of why it took being personally insulted to prompt a protest, and then only for that one day on October 29, 2017.

Now McNair is letting us know that he regrets apologizing for his inmates comments, though he maintains the nonsensical and gaslighting explanation that he was speaking about league executives and not the players themselves. However, given the reaction by the players and the pain it caused them, for him to state now that he regrets apologizing lets us know precisely the kind of man we’re dealing with.

How any Texans player can suit up for this man is beyond me.

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