Superbowl Program Ad by Veteran's Group Rejected by NFL, Deemed "Political"

Photo Credit: Paul VanDerWerf, Flickr

Article below by Ben Geier at The false equivalency continues with this ridiculous assertion that the NFL’s decision not to allow a political ad is somehow the same as allowing players to express themselves during the national anthem. There are clear rules governing the former, and the lack of a prohibition regarding the latter. Further, comparisons to the disallowance of the wearing of a pro-police note on uniforms is similarly strictly governed by rules.  People should be embarrassed by these weak reasoning and critical thinking skills displayed in making arguments that are easy to counter. 

The full page ad from AMVETS would have featured a military honor guard holding an American flag and the text #PleaseStand at the top of the page. After many NFL players chose to kneel in protest during the singing of the National Anthem before football games, the ad called on players to stand. It also solicited donations.

The NFL said it rejected the ad because it made a “political statement.”

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