Stephen A. Smith Makes Ridiculous Comparison Between Kaepernick and Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Stephen A. Smith's Instagram, @stephenasmith

Article below by Kiersten Willis at Stephen A. Smith is at it again with his over-the-top, shock jock antics, this time by making the ludicrous comparison between Kaepernick and Donald J. Trump.  The analogy was a clumsy one to say the least, with a contorted notion of how NFL owners kept both DJT and Kaepernick out of the NFL because each man affected the league’s bottom line.  Of course, the key distinction being that one decision was legitimately business related while the other was founded on racism and included an effort to suppress the exercise of a Black man’s rights.  Hardly an analogous situation.  Max Kellerman, to his credit,  not only refuted Smith’s ridiculous assertion, he also pointed out that Smith’s admonishment of Kaepernick for comparing himself to Jackie Robinson (another ludicrous tirade by Smith) was hypocritical given Smith’s POTUS analogy.  Someone needs to collect this negropean. 

Stephen A. Smith’s tirade against Colin Kaepernick continues nearly two years after the free agent quarterback knelt during the national anthem.

Smith, who is vocal about his issue with Kaepernick protesting Black oppression in such a fashion, said he doesn’t want the former San Francisco 49er quarterback to be compared to Jackie Robinson after Kaepernick tweeted a quote from the legendary MLB player.

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