Seattle Seahawks Cancel Kaepernick Workout In Their Own "Bow Before Zod" Moment

Photo Credit: Dave Sizer, Flickr

Like the Cincinnati Bengals did recently with Eric Reid, it appears that the Seattle Seahawks have entered the “Will You Bow Before Zod” sweepstakes by reportedly cancelling a scheduled workout with Kaepernick after he would not guarantee not to kneel during the anthem.  These demands that Reid and Kaepernick engage in a “Bow Before Zod” display of subservience and subordination are consistent with white men’s centuries long efforts to degrade and dehumanize Black men.  These teams are looking for assurances that Reid and Kaepernick will be good negroes and not cause trouble on the plantation.  Such behavior is shameful and unrelated to the issues surrounding playing football.  Kaepernick would be an excellent back-up to Russell Wilson, and the way he is being treated is further reflection of the NFL’s deep-seated racism and master-slave mentality regarding its inmate…players. Kudos to these brothers for being true to their principles.

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