Fan Verbally Abuses Seattle Seahawks Whom She Thought Protested During Anthem

Photo Credit: Aaron Brethorst, Flickr

Article below by Alex Raskin at These racists are completely out of control. The other side of irrational and unfounded fear of Black men by whites is the exercise of their privilege as reflected in the harassment and dehumanization of Black men.  This white woman did not hesitate to lash out at two brothers and make disparaging remarks, probably secure in the knowledge that were things to go sideways, the police as well as the racist criminal justice system would support her.  Add to that she was loud and wrong.  

Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson are not among the hundreds of NFL players who have knelt in protest during the national anthem, nor are they paid with tax dollars. However, those two facts did not stop a woman from berating the pair on both counts.

As seen in a video that Thorpe posted to Twitter, a woman pulled up alongside the pair in a parking lot outside the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington, where the Seahawks training facility is located. She deduced they were Seahawks players, but was unaware of who they were exactly.

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