Seahawks Continue Flirtation With Signing Kaepernick, Wasting Everyone's Time

Photo Credit: Joe Parks, Flickr

Article below by Andy Patton at  It appears that after signing “never took an NFL snap” Stephen Morris and re-signing “sub-par QB at best” Austin Davis, the Seahawks haven’t closed the door to bringing Kaepernick onto their roster.  Both coach Pete Carroll and general manger John Schneider stated in separate interviews that the door remains open to picking up the unfairly “white-balled” as Shannon Sharpe would say, QB. 

While we all would be pleased to see Kaepernick get a chance to employ his craft, the disrespectful manner in which he is being treated is not a good look. The Seahawks’ insistence that Kaepernick take a definitive stance on not kneeling already reveals their misplaced concerns and their lack of dedication to making selections based upon what matters–football and whether Kaepernick will be a good back-up QB for the team. Further, that they would be so bold as to outright ask for a guarantee of subservience should eliminate them as a team a man with Kaepernick’s integrity and principle should even consider.  That being said, he stuck by his principles, and any signing will be with the understanding that this man’s integrity cannot be purchased. 

Seahawks general manager John Schneider conducted his first interview since a report came out indicating Seattle postponed a visit with free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick because he declined to stop kneeling during the national anthem.

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