Rose, Where Are Those Keys? Dak Prescott Memorialized in "Get Out" Mural

Photo Credit: BagoGames

The creativity of our people never ceases to amaze me.  Dak Prescott has been properly memorialized in a mural based upon Jordan Peele’s hit movie Get Out in which Black people have their consciousness replaced by those of white people.  This is an absolutely apt metaphor for the disappointing comments made by Dak regarding protests during the national anthem.  This is so despite Prescott’s attempt at a “clarification” which was poor at best given that he reiterated his previous stance.  That artist Trey Wilder has lent his artistic talent to addressing Dak’s  short-sighted and callous comments is encouraging and an excellent use of his time and resources in service of our people.  Individuals within our own group who espouse the talking points and racist sentiments of whites are not only a disgrace to those who came before them, but individuals who should be criticized as they do extensive damage from within. 

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In response to the polarizing national anthem protest remarks made by Dak Prescott last week, artist Trey Wilder made a mural which depicted the Dallas Cowboys quarterback being in “The Sunken Place.”

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