Roger Goodell Is Again Gaslighting, This Time About Eric Reid's NFL Blackball

Photo Credit: U.S. Army, SSG Teddy Wade, Released

Article by Scott Blair at While it is not to be expected that Goodell would say anything else, it is laughable for him to assert that owners are making assessments on players which are strictly “football decisions.” A report back in September of 2016 when the protests had just started  noted that over 90% of NFL executives were angry about Kaepernick’s protest and thought him a traitor.  This is what we call circumstantial evidence, ladies and gentlemen. 

ORLANDO, Fla – Eric Reid remains on the open market a fortnight into NFL’s free-agent signing period. He’s a quality defensive back, someone surely deserving of an NFL job.

The safety doesn’t have one yet, which has raised eyebrows and questions about whether his decision to kneel for the national anthem in protest of social injustice toward minorities plays a role in his unemployment.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Reid’s case Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings and the message it could send to players who stand with Kaepernick.

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