Rejecting Alternative Facts About the NFL and the National Anthem Protests Against Racism

Photo Credit: Duncan C, Flickr

Article below by Pat Kessler at What the deflectors of the anthem protest s against racism are quite adept at doing is shifting the narrative to irrelevant issues so as to avoid discussion of the racism/white supremacy that is the entire basis for the protests.  A cursory review of the coverage and head to heads in which this topic is discussed reflect that supporters of the protests too often find themselves on the defensive attempting to defend themselves against charges of disrespecting the military and the flag.  His article does a good job of providing some factual nuggets refuting this common, and completely false, sentiment. 

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The NFL’s blockbuster Super Bowl week is underway.

It’s the end of a tumultuous and unusual football season, dominated by controversy over athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

But those protests before games are not about what President Donald Trump claims.

These are the facts:

No, Take A Knee is not about the military.

No, Take A Knee is not about disrespecting the American flag.

Take A Knee is about NFL players protesting police killings of black men, including in Minnesota.


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