Really? Saints Fan's Lawsuit For "Emotional Distress" From Players Kneeling Dismissed

Photo Credit: Milissa, flickr aints

Frivolous does not begin to describe the ridiculous lawsuit brought by a Saints fan, rightfully dismissed by an appellate court, in which this genius sought damages for “emotional distress” caused by Saints players refusing to come onto the field during the national anthem.  Lee Dragna claimed that this egregious act, which was the standard for all NFL teams prior to 2009, was such that he should be compensated. The truth was that some players remained seated during the anthem after Donald Trump’s son-of-a-bitch comments, and not at the game named in Dragna’s lawsuit. You truly cannot make this nonsense up. It seems Black players objecting to racism really does raise a special kind of ire in racists.

Article below by Christopher Dabe at

A New Orleans Saints ticket holder who claimed emotional distress over the “unwanted speech” that came in the form of player protests during the national anthem at a Sept. 17, 2017 game had his case dismissed by a state appeals court.

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