Racist Fans in Histrionics Over Favorable Legal Analysis Regarding Anthem Protest

Photo Credit: Pixbay, CC

Article below by Brad Reed at rawstory.com. The frothing at the mouth that white racist fans engage in in the face of any positive discussion surrounding the national anthem is simply hilarious.  That Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News provided an objective analysis of the collusion case and noted the circumstances that would support Kaepernick winning his case should not have been the cause of rabid tweets and hysteria–but here we are.  That these racists are so weak that simple analysis sends them into histrionics reflects the caliber of people with whom we are dealing on this issue. 

Fox News fans were not happy on Wednesday to see Andrew Napolitano, the network’s legal analyst, explaining to them that controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick could win his case against NFL owners for allegedly conspiring to keep him out of a job.

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