Protests During the Anthem By All Members of Local Soccer Clubs, A Powerful Statement

Pittsburgh Riverhounds by Hayden Schiff, CC2.0

Kneeling during the anthem continues to be a powerful symbol of protest, and the fact entire teams are doing so in light of BLM is extraordinary.  All members of the Louisville City and Pittsburg Riverhounds participated.  The fact of the matter is, until the flag and anthem truly come to symbolize their ideals, which would actually begin with jettisoning the Star Spangled Banner, these protest should continue.

Article below by Eric Crawford at

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — It’s a growing movement around sports, particularly in soccer around the world but get ready for it in other sports as they fire up. Athletes are taking a knee during national anthems to voice their displeasure with racial inequality, and to voice solidarity with those protesting for various racial causes around the globe.

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