Protests Alive and Well: Ole Miss Basketball Players Kneel During Anthem

Photo Credit: Ken Lund, Flickr

It is important to be reminded that Americans all over the country, at all education levels, have and continue to kneel during the national anthem as a method of expressing concerns about this country’s racism.  Eight members of the University of Mississippi Men’s Basketball Team knelt during the national anthem before a game against Georgia in response to a confederate rally that was scheduled to be held near the arena.  It is fascinating how maniacally modern-day confederate enthusiasts cling to their heroes’ failed bid to keep our ancestors enslaved.  Further, history is quite clear that many, if not , most confederate monuments were erected in direct response to civil rights efforts by Blacks, or in a  deliberate attempt to intimidate Blacks.  That a single of one these monuments remain in the public square is a travesty that Black students at Ole Miss were correct to object to.  In keeping with the racist tradition of pettiness and spitefulness, whites livid with the athletes’ decision to kneel during the anthem issued threats of withdrawing financial support, among other responses.  That refusing to participate in the national anthem continues to draw such strong reaction is, again, a reflection of how powerful exposing the fallacy of America’s ideals remains.

 Looking forward to adding these heroes to the running list of those in college who have demonstrated during the national anthem in protest of racism in America. 2019 is indeed off to an impressive start in this regard.  

Article below by Justin Dial and Joshua Clayton at

The silent protest from eight men’s basketball players during the national anthem was seen and felt across the nation, putting the national spotlight on the city of Oxford, yet again.

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