Poll Shows American as Apple Pie Racial Divide on NFL's New Anthem Policy

Photo Credit: Blue Diamond Gallery, Free

Article below by Jay Hart at aol.com.  In today’s edition of fire is hot, ice is cold, and water is wet news, one of the very first polls following the NFL’s Travesty Anthem Policy reflects that Americans are divided by race on support for the policy.  Whites are solidly in support of the policy, and Blacks solidly in opposition, both at about 50% respectively.   Severalpollsthroughout the past two seasons reflect the same divide regarding the protests themselves, except that an overwhelming majority of Blacks in favor, and an overwhelming majority of whites who object. History is replete with examples of white rage in instances where Blacks make direct and powerful challenges to racism, and protest our mistreatment in America.  This most recent poll’s racially divided result is no exception to this very American tradition. 

By a significant margin, NFL fans are in favor of the league’s new policy regarding the national anthem, according to a Yahoo Sports/YouGov poll.

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