Fragile Police Union Discourages Purchase of Dolphins Tickets Over Protests

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Police and their unions continue to demonstrate their racism and propensity to abuse their authority.  In response to Miami Dolphins Kenny Stills, Alfred Wilson, and Robert Quinn demonstrating during the national anthem, the Palm Beach County PBA has encouraged its members to either seek a refund of previously purchased tickets or not purchase any tickets at all.  Apparently discounts were going to be offered to union members because the Dolphins planned to honor first responders, and the PBA assumed this also meant that players would be forced to stand for the anthem. It is not clear from whence the PBA obtained this belief, but it is as ridiculous as it is illogical.  Stephen Ross had backtracked on his off season comments about making players stand, and the Dolphin’s hastily retracted leaked disciplinary conduct policy has not gone into effect. It continues to amaze how invested white men are in these displays of dominance and control over Black men. Black people who refuse to engage in subservient deference to whites often find themselves on the receiving end of these kinds of petty, spiteful, immature acts.  Kenny Stills of the Miami Dolphins appears to be leading the way as the main voice regarding the protests this year as the two previous years’ leaders–Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid–remain blackballed.  A fact that Stills has made a core basis of this decision to continue his protest. 

Article below by Mike Brehm.

South Florida police unions are urging their members to not buy Miami Dolphins tickets or seek a refund because several players had protested during the national anthem before the preseason opener.

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