NFL Owners Kick National Anthem Policy Can Down the Road at Upcoming Meeting

Photo Credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana, Flickr

Article below by Mark Maske at This issue will have to be resolved before next season. And resolution should include respecting players’ rights. It is heartening that the NFLPA has taken a very strong stance in support of players, though not as aggressive in protection of Kap as one would have liked.  Understand that this was purportedly at Kaepernick’s request, but there should outrage independent of Kaepernick’s advocacy wishes at a Black player being the subject of such blatant racism, especially in a majority Black league.  The meeting in May is going to be a crucial one, and hopefully players who are invested in justice as opposed to receiving weak promises via bribes will have a voice the matter.  

NFL owners are not scheduled to vote at next week’s annual league meeting on possible changes to the sport’s national anthem policy, according to a person familiar with the issue.

Owners are scheduled to gather this weekend in Orlando and meet there early next week.

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