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American Heroes
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Protest Date

Protest Details/Significant Notes
Peggy Desautels Meyer

October 7, 2016
North Central High School

Cynthia Elliot

November 17, 2016
Rochester School Board Meeting

  • Refused to stand during the pledge of allegiance in protest of racism in America at a Rochester School Board meeting. Elliot is the Rochester School Board vice president.
Janaye Ervins

September 19, 2016
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman

Denasia Lawrence

October 21, 2016
Miami Heat Game

  • Knelt while singing the national anthem at a Miami Heat preseason game.
Jamilah Nasheed

September 14, 2016
Missouri Senate Session

  • Remained seated during the pledge of allegiance during a Missouri Senate session. Nasheed is a Missouri State Senator.
unnamed members of the local community

September 24, 2016
Morgan State University

  • Some attendees remained seated, while others stood or sat with raised fists during the national anthem at a Morgan State University game.
Leah Tysse

October 10, 2016
Sacramento Kings Game

  • Leah Tysse knelt while singing the national anthem at a Sacramento Kings exhibition game.
  • She was the first singer to kneel in protest against racism while singing the national anthem.
Charles Whitmer

~October 1, 2016
Sewanee: University of the South

  • Knelt during the national anthem in support of Sewannee: University of the South students who organized protests against racism at their university. Whitmer is the director of the community organization, Cumberland Center for Justice and Peace.
Al Woolum

September 23, 2016
DeSoto High School

  • Knelt during the national anthem at a Desoto High School girls’ volleyball game.

U.S. Navy sailor

~August 31, 2016
Naval Air Station Pensacola

  • Remained seated during the national anthem while on Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida.
  • She is purported to have faced administrative action from the U.S. Navy as a result of her national anthem protest against racism.