NY Giants Take Correct Stance on New NFL Anthem Policy, Vow No Punishment

Photo Credit: Marco Catini, Flickr

The various positions being staked out by owners on implementation of the new NFL national anthem policy is a contrast in understanding the big picture.  At the end of the day, players should be allowed to express their citizenship responsibilities however they see fit.  Fans and owners who are personally offended by individuals who do not want to stand for the national anthem should remember that this decision is 1) none of their business; and 2) equally as valid as their decision to stand.  It appears the NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch grasps this concept.  In response to President Trump’s latest criticism of the NFL’s decision to pause the new anthem policy implementation pending discussions with the NFLPA, Tisch noted that no NY Giants player would be punished if he decided not to stand during the national anthem.  Now, the NY Giants was not one of the two organizations which abstained from voting in favor of the policy, which means the NY Giants as an organization supported the new policy. But similar to NY Jets owner Christopher Johnson, Tisch seeks to counter the act by nullifying the punishment a player may receive for kneeling.  This is the absolutely correct posture to take, and hopefully more teams will follow suit. 

Article below by Matt Lombardo at NJ.com.

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch pushed back against President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the NFL and NFLPA’s ongoing battle over whether to punish players for taking a knee or protesting for social justice reform during the national anthem prior to games. 

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