No Protests During the National Anthem at the Super Bowl LII

Photo Credit: Insane Gal, Flickr

Article below by Chris Kenners at via Reuters.  What was intriguing about all of the hype regarding protests and the Super Bowl was that it was 100% manufactured.  First, only one New England Patriot had protested prior to the September 24, 2017 mass protests; and none did so after that.  From the Philadelphia Eagles, Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod were the only Eagles who continued protesting throughout the year–but, they both ceased doing so after the NFL bribe…er deal at the end of November.  So, who was there to protest? Exactly. No-one.  Had the 49ers or the Seahawks been in the Super Bowl the hype would have been justified since both teams had individuals who protested the entire season. Desperate bid for a storyline, indeed. 

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb 4 (Reuters) – Super Bowl players avoided controversy on Sunday as none of them knelt in protest during the national anthem, sparing the National Football League a story that might overshadow the championship game.

Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a bye week for on-field protests, with none of the players kneeling or raising a fist during the national anthem, allowing the NFL’s biggest day to unfold without the season’s most polarizing issue at center stage.

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