No Longer on the Sidelines: The NFL Players Association Steps Up on Behalf of Eric Reid

Photo Credit: WEBN-TV, Flickr, CC

Article below by Dan Graziano at  In what looks like a move which reflects having learned some hard lessons from the Kaepernick NFL blackball, the NFLPA appears to be stepping up to the plate on behalf of Eric Reid.  The NFLPA in its claims rightly focuses on a number of key facts, including that the NFL does not have a rule prohibiting demonstrations during the national anthem, and that Eric appears to have been specifically rejected by the Cincinnati Bengals because of his anthem protest principles.  These grievances will undoubtedly have an effect on the owner’s decision later this month regarding the anthem policy since any effort resulting in a wholesale ban will be intertwined with the substantive aspects of the grievances.  The outright questioning on protests of Reid by the Bengals and Kap by the Seahawks, followed by retracted invitation/failure to offer, is not a good look. Hopefully these brothers will both see relief as a result of their lawsuits or the NFLPA’s grievance. 

The NFL Players Association on Monday filed two claims on behalf of former San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid, a 26-year-old unsigned free agent who believes that teams are refusing to sign him because he has protested during pregame national anthem ceremonies.

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