NFLPA Hires Law Firms in Preparation For Battle Over NFL Anthem Policy

Photo Credit: WEBN-TV, Flickr, CC

News reports emerged that the NFLPA has enlisted the service of a number of law firms to challenge the NFL’s unilateral and draconian decision to require players to stand for the national anthem if they are on the sidelines or face fines/discipline.  This is a positive sign for the NFLPA which has been decidedly impotent during most of the nearly two-year saga surrounding protests during the national anthem.  The NFLPA has shown recent signs of waking from its coma with the filing of two grievances on behalf of Eric Reid following improper questioning about protests by the Cincinnati Bengals. There has been a number of excellent analyses over the bases upon which the NFL’s policy may be challenged, including on labor and first amendment grounds, as well as being violative of sundry state constitutions.  This is a positive development which will hopefully bear fruit on behalf of players and their inherent rights as citizens of this country.  

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Three weeks ago, the NFL changed its anthem policy without input from or discussion with the NFL Players Association. And the NFLPA is preparing for a potential legal fight over the change.

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