NFL Owners Didn't Bother With Formal Vote on Significant Anthem Policy Change

Photo Credit: WEBN, Flickr

So, the truth comes out regarding the votes of owners on the new NFL policy.  Listening to Roger Goodell and the owners who announced the policy at a press conference, one would think there was a formal, unanimous vote.  Turns out that not only was there no formal vote but merely a showing of hands, two owners, Jed York and Mark Davis, abstained from voting.  This means that despite Chris Johnson’s noble gesture to cover any fines levied against his players, none of whom protested during the national anthem last year, he voted in favor of the policy.  Roger Goodell and the NFL once again proves they have a tortured relationship with the truth.  

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League spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed NFL owners didn’t hold an official vote before passing their new national anthem policy Wednesday, reports ESPN.

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