NFL Owners' Vote on Anthem Policy Not As Solid as Implied by Roger Goodell

Photo Credit: Marcoverch, Flickr

As facts continue to emerge from the meeting where NFL owners decided to adopt a new national anthem policy, it appears that the vote has been mischaracterized by Roger Goodell.  First, the vote was unanimous, but only amongst those who voted; what Goodell failed to mention is that two owners, Jed York and Mark Davis, abstained from voting altogether.  Additionally, there wasn’t even a formal vote of this quite substantial policy.  Simply a mere raising of hands. This is a far cry from the picture painted by Goodell in which he attempted to convey a level of formality and solidarity designed to further legitimize this travesty of an event.  This kind of obfuscation and deliberate omission is to be expected from a man who has completely failed to maintain his promise to respect the right of players to protest. 

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League spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed NFL owners didn’t hold an official vote before passing their new national anthem policy Wednesday, reports ESPN.

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