NFL Anthem Policy in Horrific Company--Similar Policy Enforced by Nazis in 1934

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick, Flickr

Frequently a historical tidbit reminds us of the saying that there is nothing new under the sun.  Turns out the NFL’s new draconian policy mandating that players stand and “show respect” for the flag if on the sidelines is reminiscent of a similar policy enforced by the Nazis.  An excerpt from a 1934 newspaper article describes an incident whereby, facing a boycott by the opposing French football team if the German players rendered the Nazi salute, the German players decided to forgo the gesture; none too pleased with the flagrant violation of authoritarian staples of manufactured patriotism and jingoism, the football club was punished by being banned for an entire year. It really is the case for many base aspects of human society, the more things change, the more they remain the same. The NFL is in extremely poor company indeed with this policy.    

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History repeats itself: Nazis punished football players for failing to salute the flag, just like the NFL plans on doing.

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