New Evidence Shows NFL Clearly Assessed Kaepernick as a Starting Quarterback

Photo Credit: Jarmoluk, CC

Article below by Sean Wagner-McGough at  Well well well.  Turns out discovery–the process in a lawsuit where the parties may request relevant information from one another, including documents that must be turned over unless doing so would violate a rule or is otherwise inappropriate (vague, overbroad, etc)–is really a beautiful thing.  Internal NFL documents show that the league’s assessment of Kaepernick demonstrated that he was considered good enough to be a starting quarterback.  Of course, Pete Carroll said the same thing in 2017 when Colin visited the team.  This development is relevant because many of the hot takes throughout 2017 claimed that Kaepernick was simply not good enough to be in the NFL.  Which was absurd on its face.  This evidence narrows the legitimate reasons that a team would have for not signing Kap.  Unless there is a smoking gun somewhere, this is a nice addition, though not dispositive, to the circumstantial case of collusion that Kaepernick is advancing.  

Colin Kaepernick is a free agent despite a five-year run that demonstrated his ability to play quarterback in the NFL at a level comparable to other starting quarterbacks. It turns out, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, multiple teams around the league agree that Kaepernick is worthy of holding a starting spot.

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