New Anthem Policy Triggers Effort to Persuade Sponsors to Drop the NFL

Photo Credit: Dwight Burdette - Own work, CC BY 3.0

And so it begins.  In an important move that recognizes the power of the almighty dollar, a petition has been started that requests that sponsors drop the National Football League as a client.  Advertising is where televised programs and organizations make the lion’s share of their profits; and without sponsor support, organizations are forced to act. There is nothing that will spur action faster than for sponsors to start dropping like flies until the targeted entity corrects its ways.  However, in order for this effort to be successful, there must be a credible threat of lack of support for the mega-sponsors at issue.  This is where those outraged by the NFL’s new policy must put their money, social media activism, and loud disapproval where their mouths are, and ensure that these sponsors recognize the impact of choosing to continue to support the NFL. We’ll see how effective this effort turns out to be. 

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After the NFL banned players from taking a knee during the national anthem, major sponsors of the league are facing calls to pull their support.

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