National Football League Owners Are Embarrassing Themselves

Photo Credit: "Embarrassed," Alex Santosa, Flickr

As is correctly pointed out in this SF Chronicle article by Scott Osler, plenty of mediocre quarterbacks are finding homes as backups or even starters, while Kaepernick remains unsigned.  Mike Glennon just got $15 million.  Yes, Mike Glennon.  Josh McCown is getting $6 million to go play for the New York J-E-T-S.  It is pretty obvious that Kaepernick is still a free agent because NFL owners are petty and racist.  As noted by Osler in the article, it is curious that Kaepernick was called by one NFL executive “an embarrassment to the league,” when no such description was made regarding anyone involved in the many high profile failures by the NFL, including its abysmal record on domestic violence, and its subterfuge regarding concussions.

I would add that its past and current issues with racism (see i.e., the need for the laughably ineffective “Rooney Rule,” and Riley “[Imma] Fight Every Nigger In Here” Cooper remaining in the NFL for years after his racist outburst) also did not warrant the declaration of an “embarrassment to the league.”  What is an embarrassment to the league is a bunch of grown multi-millionaires and billionaires failing to exhibit the kind of maturity one would expect of anyone over the age of 13.  Ridiculous.