At NASCAR Event, POTUS Returns to Favorite Punching Bag, NFL Protests

Photo Credit: Public Domain, CC

Article below by Nick Bromberg at  POTUS went to the sporting event most likely to be teeming with overt racists and confederate flags, a NASCAR event, and disparaged those engaged in national anthem protests against racism. He noted, quite correctly, that there was no chance that mentioning his distaste with Black citizens exercising their rights within their obligations as NFL players to refrain from standing during the national anthem would be controversial. This is such a tired line of attack; but I guess as long as it plays well with the #MAGA crowd, he will continue to trot it out.  Sigh.

President Donald Trump sure likes to play the hits.

Trump hosted 2017 NASCAR Cup Series champion Martin Truex Jr. at the White House on Monday and made sure to bring up NASCAR teams standing for the national anthem and NASCAR CEO Brian France’s presidential endorsement within the first eight minutes of his remarks honoring Truex and the No. 78 Furniture Row team’s title.

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