Michael Bennett May Be Folding Under the Pressure to Stand For the Anthem

Photo Credit: Michael Bennett's Instagram, @mosesbread72

The more I see individuals folding to the pressures surrounding protesting during the national anthem, the more I appreciate the courageous actions of our elders protesting segregation and racism.  To Bennett’s credit, he maintained his protest nearly the entire 2017 season, though he did pause them during annual NFL military celebrations which gave credence to the unpersuasive arguments which seek to connect standing  during the anthem to “respecting” veterans.  Nevertheless, Bennett was one of the few players who stayed the course through to the end.  Yet, his fellow players Colin Kaepernick, and now Eric Reid, continue to be blackballed as the most visible faces of this protest movement; this alone is reason enough not to stand during the national anthem, let alone centuries of systemic racism.  While the decision on remaining seated during the national anthem is still not completely resolved for Bennett, hopefully these early statements will not result in the abandonment of his brave and admirable stance this upcoming season.

Article below by Bob Condotta at seattletimes.com.

Anyone expecting even the slightest hints of bitterness from Michael Bennett in his first public appearance in Seattle since his trade from the Seahawks to the Eagles last March was left disappointed Monday night.

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