Malcolm Jenkins Stands By His Principles and Rejects White House Invitation

Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr

Article below by Eliot Shorr-Parks at  While Jenkins’ decision to cease demonstrating during the national anthem following the $90M deal with the NFL was an unfortunate one, he seems to have recaptured his earlier spirit of principled rebellion with regard to the White House’s invitation to the Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles.  Given Donald Trump’s insulting and disparaging remarks directed specifically towards their NFL brothers protesting racism, it reflects a lack of intestinal fortitude for any Black player to accept the White House’s invitation.  There are regular tourist trips to the White House if it is a matter of simply being in the building itself; that so insignificant an event could override a sense of loyalty and dedication to the righteous cause of fighting racism that was grossly misappropriated by Donald Trump is disappointing  The final tally of who decides to attend will indeed be both interesting and telling.

The Eagles appear set to accept an invitation from President Donald Trump to visit the White House on June 5 to celebrate their Super Bowl LII win.

Just don’t expect team leader and safety Malcolm Jenkins to be there.

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