Malcolm Jenkins, Players' Coalition Co-Founder, Believes Eric Reid is Being Blackballed

Malcolm Jenkins Instagram @malcolmjenkins 27 II

Article by Tim McManus at This interview is interesting. Jenkins hopes the NFL agrees to the “deal” his organization cut with the NFL owners, but I don’t see any mention of Kaepernick and his presence on a roster as a consideration.  Jenkins also states that he believes Reid is being blackballed, which is quite obvious. This entire deal needs to be re-evaluated in light of these blackballs. What happens if Reid is not signed at all as well?

The NFL player movement started by Colin Kaepernick is entering a new phase, led in large part by Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and the Players Coalition he co-founded.

As the owners gather in Orlando, Florida, for their annual meetings, issues related to player activism are on the agenda. They enter divided on how best to address protests during the national anthem. Serious debate is expected this week in front of a potential resolution at the May meetings in Atlanta.

Owners also are set to vote this week on a key part of their pact with the Players Coalition worth millions of dollars.

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