Resolution of the NFL Protests Appears to be On the Ropes and Not Forthcoming After All

Photo Credit: NFL News Desk Admin, Flickr

Article below by Don Banks at  Sigh.  NFL owners’ handwringing appears to be growing instead of reducing in intensity if this assessment of the intractability of various factions on the national anthem debate is to be believed.  It is apparently plausible that the NFL will leave the decision on how to handle the protests against racism until the last possible minute, i.e. immediately before the season begins on September 6.  That resolution of this issue continues to elude such successful business owners is quite sad.  We can only hope that the NFL will have the temerity to stand up for the rights and freedoms of players by supporting their right to protest.  Failing that, their rights should be supported because this issue has not been collectively bargained and is already the subject of an NFLPA grievance.  That we are in this position nearly two years after Kaepernick first protested is unbelievable.  

While NFL owners earlier this year confidently targeted their spring meeting as a deadline of sorts to reach a conclusion on the league’s policy on player protest during the national anthem, it now appears no final resolution to the controversial question is likely to be reached next week when the owners convene for two days in Atlanta, Ga., according to sources familiar with the league’s current thinking.

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