Let the Games Begin: Eric Reid's Collusion Case Goes Before an Arbitrator

Photo Credit: William Cho, CC, Pixabay

At last, some movement in one of the NFL collusion grievance cases.  Eric Reid’s grievance filed by the NFLPA against the Cincinnati Bengals based upon owner Mike Brown’s grilling over whether Reid intended to stand during the national anthem will be heard by an arbitrator on July 31, 2018. This is similar to what took place when Colin Kaepernick’s visit with the Seattle Seahawks was postponed after Kaepernick refused to definitively state that he would not kneel during the anthem.  Such acts by teams may run afoul of the collective bargaining agreement which requires negotiations in good faith; players were not prohibited from  demonstrating during the national anthem during the 2017 season, so making this issue a dispositive part of the decision to allow a player to work out or join the team is arguably violative of the CBA. 

That these owners would exercise such poor judgment in overtly raising the anthem question during an interview and discussion which should be solely related to one’s football playing abilities is amazing.  Clearly these owners and executives did not consult with their legal staffs before venturing into this minefield at the most inappropriate time; however, it is a positive turn of events that they did precisely that.  The racist boycott of a pro bowl player like Eric Reid, and a exceptional player like Colin Kaepernick who was one short pass away from a Super Bowl win, should absolutely be exposed and the NFL punished for its actions.  This is, however, only the beginning. Justice has eluded us many times before, and this may be no exception.  After all, it is the same core system.  Still, time will tell. 

Article below by Charles Robinson at sports.yahoo.com.

The self-described “thunderhead” over Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown and his handling of safety Eric Reid’s free-agent visit in April is apparently rolling in quickly. Reid’s complaint against the Bengals – stemming from questions Brown asked about national anthem protests during Reid’s visit with the team – will go before an arbitrator on Tuesday, sources have told Yahoo Sports.

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