Kenny Stills Delivers in Mini-Documentary on His Protest Motivation

Photo Credit: Kenny Stills' Instagram, @kstills

In a really well done mini-documentary, Kenny Stills explains why he decided to kneel during the national anthem.  He discusses the impact of the shootings of unarmed Black men, and how it made him felt to see people who look like him and his family subjected to such mistreatment.  While it is unfortunate that Kenny Still felt such a move needed to be made, the details of his decision, as well as the risk he took knowing that he was in the final year of a rookie contract, were fascinating. It is disturbing that Black people wishing to exercise their rights have to be concerned about abuse of authority and spiteful acts of retaliation by whites in positions of control.  This is a common refrain for any Black person who decides to speak up on issues of racism/white supremacy and while I do not agree with the sentiment that there is some kind of obligation to demonstrate commitment by engaging in community acts in addition or instead of protesting during the anthem. Highlighting the fallacy of America’s core description as the land of the free and home of the brave is important and this protest should be taken up by every Black American in this country.  

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The Miami Dolphins’ Kenny Stills was one of the first players in the NFL to begin kneeling in protest of racism, inequality, and social injustice in September 2016. He continues that protest today.

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