Kaepernick's Grievance Lawsuit Against the NFL to Begin This Week

Photo Credit: Football Schedule, Flickr

Article below by Steve LeVine at axios.com. Let the fireworks begin.  Hopefully, as the case progresses, discovery and depositions will provide enough evidence to corroborate what we already know–that NFL owners colluded to keep Kaepernick off of a roster because of his protests. The list of quarterbacks far less talented than Kaepernick signed by teams this season may not be dispositive, but it makes for strong circumstantial evidence. 

Lawyers for the NFL are expected this week to begin handing over documents sought by Colin Kaepernick. The NFL quarterback is suing the league for allegedly blackballing him because of his political protest of the treatment of African-Americans at the hands of police. Legal experts say he will have a tough time proving his collusion case, but Mark Geragos, his lawyer, tells Axios that’s because they do not understand the law.

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