Indigenous Rugby Players Refuse to Sing Anthem, Reflecting Kap Influence

Photo Credit:  paddynapper - MAORI AND ABORIGINAL PLAYERS BRAWL, CC BY-SA 2.0

Most of the members of the Indigenous All-Stars refused to sing the Australian national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, because they assert that the song does not represent them as indigenous people in Australia.  There was no direct reference to Kaepernick and his protests, but there have been other instances of refusal to acknowledge the national anthem in Australia which were so influenced.  It is heartening to see more and more people who are subjected to European colonization and racism object to the symbols created to reflect a false sense of unity and a unilateral contention of freedom which clearly does not extend to all. 

Article below by Josh Hanrahan at

Controversy has raged after more than half the Indigenous team refused to sing the Australian national anthem played in the lead up to the NRL All Stars game.

The rugby league showcase between the Indigenous All Stars and Maori All Stars has been overshadowed by the strong stance by a number of the league’s top players.

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