Kaepernick Attends Deposition of Houston Texans Owner in Collusion Proceedings

Photo Credit: Karen, Flickr

Article below by Raychelle Muhammad at inquisitr.com. As the individual bringing this collusion suit, it is not unusual for Kaepernick to attend. It’s also a good thing for these owners who very likely colluded to keep Kaepernick out of the NFL to have to sit in his presence and justify their clearly shameful, petty, and racist actions. This is particularly so for Mr, “inmates running the prison” McNair. Of course, it’s always best to have racism served up front and center instead of the more socially acceptable knife in the back. 

Social media was abuzz on Thursday when video surfaced of Colin Kaepernick having a private workout on a practice field in the Houston area. There was much speculation that maybe Texans owner Bob McNair was interested in evaluating the veteran quarterback. However, TMZ reported that his attorney was scheduled to depose McNair for his collusion case against the NFL on Friday.

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