Jerry Jones Boldly Displays the Plantation Master Mentality That Other Owners Hide

Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr

It is truly a travesty that any Black man would play football for the Dallas Cowboys.  Jerry Jones is probably the most outspoken of all NFL owners, and also the most overt in manifesting his plantation master mentality.  Last year Jones was the only owner to explicitly demand that players stand during the national anthem, threatening to bench any player who refused to do so.  Players acquiesced, though David Irving and Damontre Moore both raised their fist towards the end of the anthem.  Now in the wake of another season filled with angst regarding who will protest during the national anthem, Jones has weighed in reiterating his stance, much to the delight of Donald Trump who praised Jones.  One has to wonder at just what else could Jones demand of his players that they would also go along with, exhibiting absolutely no intestinal fortitude or personal pride.  What if Jones demanded a loyalty oath? Or that they kiss his hand before each game?  Here is a man whose authority to make the demand Jones has is dubious at best telling grown men that they will participate in a ritual which is supposed to be driven by one’s personal decisions.  Similar to the decision to pray; yet players, most of whom are Black and know very well the scourge of racism, are nodding along as their team owner treats them like property and their brothers Kaepernick and Reid remain blackballed.  Absolutely ridiculous and, frankly, pathetic. 

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The NFL has yet to find an acceptable compromise with the players over proper protocol for the national anthem. Fans and sponsors have expressed anger towards players that have knelt for anthem ever since Colin Kaepernick started the trend in 2016, and President Donald Trump exacerbated the problem last season when he made comments indicating that players should stand for the anthem.

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