Is This The End? Kaepernick and Reid Settle Collusion Lawsuit with NFL

Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr

Well, this is definitely an interesting development. 

On the one hand, apparently the NFL did not want to go to court and likely lose or have damaging and/or embarrassing information exposed via discovery for all of the world to see.  So in exchange, Kaepernick and Reid are paid handsomely to settle this case out of court. On the other hand, there is no definitive resolution to the issue of whether or not the NFL colluded, Kap is still not in the NFL, and there is really no incentive for the NFL to address its incessant racism.

 The details of the agreement cannot be discussed by either party, so we’ll never know what precisely is included? Does it require that the NFL give Kap a fair opportunity to return to the league? Were there promises made that require silence on the part of Kaepernick regarding explicitly racist acts committed by owners? This latter item would be extremely disappointing, but obviously consistent with a standard non-disclosure agreement.   

 I’ve read that some individuals are going to end their NFL boycott. It is not clear why.  Again, Kaepernick is still not in the NFL.  Throwing money at an issue does not equal resolution, and this was, at the end of the day, settlement of a legal case. I, for one, will still not be supporting or watching a single NFL game until Colin Rand Kaepernick is in an NFL uniform.  And I am as rabid a football fan as one can be. But principles must prevail, and I hope those who have supported Kaepernick by continuing to demonstrate during the anthem continue doing so.  

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In a stunning decision, quarterback Colin Kaepernick and safety Eric Reid have reached a financial settlement with the NFL in their joint collusion complaint against the league and will take no further action in the case. While sources declined to offer specifics for the decision, Yahoo Sports was told on prior occasions that Kaepernick and Reid would only settle the complaint if a lucrative financial agreement was reached between the players and the NFL.

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